What is Bluetooth Mesh? Do I need it?


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What is Bluetooth Mesh

If you have to use one word to describe bluetooth mesh, it must be "mass".

Bluetooth mesh enables the creation of large-scale device networks. It fits perfectly for control, monitoring, and automation systems where hundreds or thousands of devices need to communicate with each other. The traditional bluetooth protocols supports only 7 devices connected to one device, which is incompetent now. We have so many bluetooth devices to use. Bluetooth mesh was designed to resolve this issue. In the beginning, it was designed to meet the strict requirements of commercial and industrial environments where performance, reliability, and security are of the first priority. One best example is now many commercial lighting control choose to embrace the bluetooth mesh.


What's the Advantage of Bluetooth Mesh?

Full-stack solution - easier product development and greater levels of product interoperability

Unlike other low power wireless mesh networking technologies, Bluetooth mesh is a complete, full-stack solution that defines everything from the low-level physical radio layer through high-level application layer. So it’s easier to develop and get better interoperability.

Direct Control - greater scale and reliability

In traditional bluetooth, we need a center to receive and send the data. So there will be a problem, every devices should be in the range of the center and if the center stop working, they’re all died. In bluetooth mesh lighting control system, every light could work as a node so theoretically the devices in mesh could scale to thousands of nodes while keep the high reliability and performance.

High network scale and performance

Traditional individual device addressing might caused performance issue in wireless network with multi-cast traffic. The unique pub/sub way of bluetooth mesh is a good solution of this issue. A direct benefit is that it uses less network traffic to do the same thing as other wireless technology.

In short, bluetooth mesh allow you to control more lights more stable with less network traffic use.


Who need bluetooth Mesh?

Bluetooth mesh is designed to meet the requirement of large commercial or industrial environment like lighting system. But now it has been used widely in home lighting system. Normally when we want to choose a home smart light, we'll take Bluetooth and WiFi in consideration. But the more WiFi product in you network, the lower network performance you’ll get. And actually, the WiFi products performs not as well as bluetooth especially outdoor.

Conclusion, the bluetooth mesh product is perfect for those who have these requirements:

  1. want to use many lights in a range(for example, over 7 lights)
  2. Has a requirement on the stability and performance.
  3. Mainly use the light outdoor in the garden where the WiFi is weak.

solla rgbcw flood light feature

What SOLLA Bluetooth Mesh RGB Light could do?

SOLLA RGBCW flood light uses bluetooth mesh technology so it could work perfect both for home or commercial use. We do a lot of research on customer demands do some extra work on our light:

Stake included

You can mount the light to wall or eave or tree, or just stake it to the ground.

Extended Cord Length

Extended cord length to 2m/6.56ft, longer than other 1.5m/4.9ft


Additional C(cool white) and W(warm white) to make natural white light rather than mixed white light.

All RGB features

Color pick / DIY scenes/ lighting mode change/music sync/ timer/ group control/ memory functions

Simulate TV

Simulate the lights of TV to warn theft or burglar. make your home an unappealing choice for a break-in.

IP66 Waterproof

Robust and IP66 waterproof, perfect for outdoor use.


Our APP is developed ourselves and your suggestion or feedback will get replied soon.


If you have any question about bluetooth mesh or want to wholesale our RGBCW bluetooth mesh light, please feel free to contact us.

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