What Our customers say


      So the brightness of this unit will be bright enough to not only annoy the heck out of my neighbors but would be capable of spotting for a landing aircraft. If pointed up it might be possible to signal the International Space Station...

      In short, this son of a gun is super bright. Lights up my back yard like the surface of the moon. :)


      I put 4 of them up 21 feet off of the ground on steel poles to light my sand court. They are plenty of light to play. I don’t know how they will do in the weather but so far so good.


      Got to say these light operates and functions as there described. The lights are clean and super bright. The assemblies are very tuff and best of all very light. The light spread is incredible and they do not flicker or change density like others do. These light stay bright the whole time.


      I bought 2 150 watt lights , I ve only had them a little more than a month & so far they are the best lights I ve ever had . I put one on front of my garage that I really don't use much & the other on the corner of the house facing out back , I live in a country & wooded area & it lights up a large area & can see whats going on 200 feet back I use it to watch the dogs when I let them out at night . Pics really doesn't do justice


      This flood light is ridiculous. And by ridiculous I mean it's bright enough to light up half of my neighborhood while being pointed at the ground. I bought this light to replace a 10W lead panel I have on my shed in my back yard (they're wifi controlled). You can really tell how much brighter this light is, and I may even have to move it somewhere else (maybe a backdrop light for videos?). It seems as if it's pretty decent quality, has an aluminum housing, and glass front cover. I feel this light will outlast any conventional flood light fixture you have.

      So to sum it up, buy this light if you want to have everything in a decent sized area lit up very well.