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We talked about Bluetooth mesh in July. And a few weeks ago I received an Email from a reader. After the discussion we think it’s necessary to explain more about this technology in a straightforward way.


Where the Concept comes from

Bluetooth mesh is a network protocol that supports M2M (many to many). It was proposed by CSR. Since then, many manufacturers have put forward their mesh protocols. And finally, in July 2017, Bluetooth SIG launched the standard bluetooth mesh protocol. Now, we can see bluetooth mesh is widely used in many fields like lighting, electric appliances and sensor.


Comes from Bluetooth

Because Bluetooth mesh is derived from Bluetooth, devices that supports bluetooth mesh also supports Bluetooth 4.0 and 5.0 protocol. We could control mesh devices by using smartphones or computer that supports bluetooth4.0 (or above). Mesh devices wins a lot in networking ability when comparing with the normal bluetooth devices - just a little work to setup and the mesh devices could build its own network and make group control easy and efficient.


Mesh - Advantages

  • Remarkable Group Control - Devices in mesh network could be edit freely as different groups for easy group control.
  • Wide and Stable Network - Devices in mesh could communicate with each other and don’t rely on “Cloud” to send and receive the commands. So you can get wide signal coverage and stable network performance.
  • Local and Remote Control - You can use smartphone to implement local control or using gateway (smart home hub) to control devices from the server.
  • Smart Home System - Bluetooth mesh could be used in many devices like lighting, appliances and sensor products, which helps to build a smart home system.

Here I attach a table to show the comparison between Mesh and Bluetooth/Zigbee/WiFi

bluetooth zigbee mesh WiFi comparasion

Conclusion of the Advantages

  • Direct control through phone Bluetooth. Don’t rely on wifi network to transfer data.
  • Supports up to 120 lights to build a local network to complement group control.
  • Devices in mesh network could communicate with each other, wider signal coverage.
  • Low power consumption, energy-saving, could build network with sensor to complement local scenes linkage.
  • The chip price is lower than zigbee and similar with Wi-Fi.


Building Automation

Change lighting status automatically according to the different scenes. For example, adjust the the ON/OFF status through judging if there’s people in the area. Control the lights as group based on conditions like different floors or areas.

Smart Home

Using phone or Bluetooth ring to control all mesh devices in you home, like lighting and appliances. All devices in mesh could be set as group and realize “linkage” - assuming you’re going back home, when you approach the front door, the sensor detects you and all lights around your house will be turned on immediately. (you just need to set them as a group)  

bluetooth smart home


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