How to Choose Battery Operated Motion Sensor Light

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OK today we’ll talk about battery operated motion sensor light (mainly outdoor light). We know that now hardwired and solar light could provide powerful bright light. But the fact is that we have to consider things about the wring and the place we want to use when we use these lights. In this case, battery powered light is a good substitute.

What is a battery operated Motion Sensor Light?

As the term suggests, A battery operated motion sensor light is a light that uses battery power (normally the dry batteries) to turn on and off when it detects movement automatically. The battery operated motion sensor light play an important role in home security, outdoor lighting and some commercial security applications. The lights are ideal for areas where there's no outlet or hard for wiring, such as a hallway. These battery-powered motion sensor lights have both lighting and PIR sensing functions.

How do Battery Powered Motion Sensor Lights Work?

These motion sensor lights normally use PIR technology - passive infrared ray. Here I will introduce the PIR detector. There are 2 key components in a passive infrared detector, one is a Fresnel lens and the other is a pyroelectric sensor. Any object above the absolute temperature (-273°C/-459℉) in nature will produce infrared radiation, and the wavelengths of infrared energy released by objects with different temperatures are also different. The human body has a constant body temperature, which differs from the ambient temperature. When the human body moves, this differential change is detected by the pyroelectric sensor through the Fresnel lens, thereby outputting an alarm signal to turn on the light.

Passive infrared detectors do not do not emit any energy to the outside world. Conversely, it detects infrared radiation from moving targets, That's why it is called passive.

battery powered motion sensor light

How to Choose a Battery Operated Motion Sensor Light?

Brightness - Brightness is always the primary index. Normally the brightness of an outdoor motion sensor light should be over 300 lumen at least.

Battery duration - 1 D-cell battery costs $1.5 on average. If you don’t want to purchase a battery-eater. Learn more about this factor. How long the battery lasts depends on the trigger timers.

Lighting duration - this refers to the time between the lights on and lights off at one trigger. If you want save batteries, choose one that have short lighting duration, while if you want it lights on longer at a time, choose one that has long lighting duration.

Lighting angle - There’re some kind of these lights in the market, from 1-3 light heads, the 1 light head is compact in size but the 3 light heads have wider lighting angle. Choose the proper one that meets your demand.

Sensitivity - This determines how far the light detects motion. Check the detection distance and estimate it before purchasing.

Installation - These battery operated motion sensor lights are easy to install, but you still need to learn more. Most lights are designed for wall mount so if you want to install it to an eave, please check if they could do in that way.

Waterproof - All outdoor light need to be above IPX4, if you install it to a wall normally you’ll need an IP65 light.  

battery operated motion sensor light

Does SOLLA Sell Battery Powered Motion Sensor Light?

Yes, SOLLA battery powered motion sensor light is now available in our web and amazon. We gives more customized options like 3-level brightness, lighting duration and distance. Considering the battery cost. We focusing on the battery technology to make the most of the D-cell batteries. So our light will save more batteries than other brands at the same brightness.


In summary, You need to take these factors in to consideration to get the best battery operated motion sensor light for your home. It is prudent to do some research based on your demand and budget. Armed with such knowledge, you can procure a light that offers everything you need. 

Battery Operated Motion Sensor Light

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