LED Security Light

      Loved By Customers


      Although we live in a small town, Our backyard is secluded and dark at night. Someone has been coming in and doing damage during the night. We installed 3 in the backyard and 2 along the driveway. I like the timers and brightness settings and the fact they're battery operated. Easy to install, and they look good . Definitely need the 8'3'' height for optimal performance.
      We are still looking at security cameras but for now the lights are doing a great job.


      I purchased this motion detection light for my driveway. It was easy to install, and it only took about 15 minutes. It requires 3 "D" size batteries. (Not included). The instructions were easy to understand. The 750 Lumens is certainly bright enough to light up the area. I installed it recently and it has stayed weatherproof through several snowstorms. I set the motion detection for 33 ft, and it detects movement immediately. I would definitely purchase a second light. Good quality and well worth the price.


      The battery installation/removable is much easier then other brands. I returned one because you had to unscrew 6 screws to get to the battery. The brightness; the time it stays on; and when it goes on (dusk; total darkness) are all adjustable! And it is wireless/battery-operated (as opposed to solar). I liked it so much, I bought two!


      Very efficient. Detects motion as specified on the box and it can be easily set to where you want the lights to shine. The motion detection sensor works very well. Have outdoor camera and the motion detection light illuminates well to see images of anyone with ig the lighted area. Highly recommend.


      This is an amazing motion detector light. It has a long range motion sensor and lights up a huge part of my yard, that is totally dark, normal. It has gotten rained on through cold, “tornado” type rain and snow and has held up perfectly. I highly recommend this product. I have tried 3 other motion type lights and they didn’t put out nearly enough light to be able to see my black lab, in the very back portion of my yard, which is about half an acre, where it used to be completely dark, before installing this light.

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